Carbon Zapp is dedicated in manufacturing Automotive Injection Service Solutions, providing a worldwide sales network, investing constantly in R&D and offering efficient support. With today’s exponential increase in the automotive industry, Carbon Zapp offers solutions for a healthier, less polluted environment, specializing in designing & manufacturing Diesel and Gasoline Injection Service Benches, that have become a standard for major OE’s and general workshops. As a global supplier to diverse users, with broad knowledge in the automotive industry and through teamwork and skillful personnel, Carbon Zapp is able to support your corporate vision and fulfill your market’s needs.

Through a wide range of innovative products, including injector and pump test benches for Diesel and Gasoline High Pressure injection systems, Engine service equipment and tools, Carbon Zapp offers high quality equipment and customer service to automotive dealers, workshops and educational institutions, as well as for specialized developers, remanufacturers and most major automotive OE’s. Carbon Zapp uses over 35% of its profits to update existing products with newer technological advancements and aims to provide simpler methods and tools for a safer environment. Carbon Zapp today is the Authorized global partner for Diesel Specialists to Diagnose and Service CRDi systems, holding the unique technology to correctly control with Energy and accurately test Continental/VDO systems.